Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Tameside Council's Bright Idea

Tameside Council has announced it is currently trialing to dim streetlights in a cost saving effort which could save the borough £7,000 for every 1,000 lights dimmed. There are currently 28,000 lamposts in Tameside which would mean a saving of £196,000 a year.

Living Streets, a charity which campaigns for better paedestrian access and safety on our streets claims that poor street lighting gives criminals an opportunity to commit crime. It also states that better street lighting can reduce the fear of crime.

Nice but dim, John Bell, Tameside Conservative Leader of the opposition and Hyde Werneth Councillor who is against the dimming of street lighting had the following statement:

"I understand the need to seek value for money, but you have guard against issues such as community safety. I would not like to see crime soar - it is absolutely imperative we have good street lighting, otherwise this proposal will not be the bright idea the council thinks it is."

Tameside Eye has been doing some work of its own and has found out that £196,000 is 0.07% of the £282.6m council budget set out for 2006/2007. Is the £196,000 saving really worth it? I can think of a few ways to cut money at the council namely the ammount of beaurocrats that run the place, nevermind the streetlighting.

Tameside Council says that this is only an experiment and is awaiting the results of the public consultation.

Source: Tameside Tories - Who actually do have a sense of humour.
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