Monday, 14 January 2008

John Taylor Watch Part 9: Justice

Councillor John Taylor Dukinfield Tameside

A quick look on John Taylor's website and he has a little piece on a teenager being beaten up by the Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF). The teenager was accused of theft and the UVF in their own little fantasy world called him guilty and beat him black and blue, stuck a sign on him and took photographs to send to the press until the police turned up.

As the article rightly points out on Taylor's website, this is vigilantism. As you can tell by my previous posts, I and others are strongly against vigilantism.

So the teenager was not allowed a trial which every person in Europe is entitled to before carrying out punishment? It is obvious from Taylor's comments on his site that his views are reflective of the Labour party which is again reflected in an interesting statement from John Taylor which is more close to home:

"Local councillors and patrollers and police who were out last night on our streets took large amounts of drink fro underage kids, starting in concord way chasing them onto Morrison's car park then onto Prospect Road for another haul. We cleared the streets."

So when Taylor says he is out with other councillors on the beat looking for vandals and under age drinkers on Concord Way; does it mean John Taylor, Brian Wild and David Sweeton acting as Dukinfield's very own UVF intimidating these youngsters?

This may not be a major issue at the next election but it will be an issue that people should be aware of. Pin down your candidates on this issue. A direct quote from one of John Taylor's letters in this weeks advertiser. Oh and I could of gone to town with all the contradictions he makes yet again. I have included it below for you all to see (Click on the image to enlarge). He goes on about having one rule for one and others ignoring those laws... Hmmmmm....

Anyway this does not surprise me. Vigilantism is the done thing by nazi thugs. Perhaps Taylor is to become a fascist and join the nazi party?

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