Monday, 28 September 2009

Live Blog: Tameside Full Council Meeting 29/09/09

This is a test "broadcast" to see how a live blog of Tameside Council's Full Council Meeting would work on Tameside Eye. I have in the past tried to tweet and send emails to people, but the coverage is rather sketchy.

For today's meeting you can view the agenda. I have asked three questions to the Civic Advisory Panel which consist of:

1. With the scandal surrounding Lord Sheldon's expenses and his attempts to avoid paying inheritance tax, should the road Lord Sheldon Way be renamed? May I suggest we use Fraud Sheldon Way?

2. Can the leader please confirm his support for Councillor Steven Smith who was recently found guilty of drink driving and his cabinet position as well as his position on the Liquor Licensing panel? How is it that the liquor licensing panel whose objective it is to ensure responsible drinking throughout venues in Tameside, has one of their members to be found to abuse alcohol and put other peoples lives at risk as a consequence of his actions.

3. Can the Leader of the Council please explain as to why he is so important to be chauffeur driven in two brand new Jaguar's? The leader is always spouting on how "green" we should be saying how we should all recycle and be more energy efficient, so why isn't he driving around in a Toyota Prius with the rest of his Tameside Patrollers?

Whether they get answered or not is another thing. To view the live debate on Cover It Live just click the watch now button bellow. The coverage starts at 5PM when the full council meeting starts. Any member of the public can attend the meeting at Ashton town hall.

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