Monday, 12 October 2009

Tameside Council Tax to Increase by 20%?

Today, the Business Secretary, Peter Mandelson announced a £16bn sell-off of public assets to raise cash for the government. He said in a speech that this could include "local authority airports" such as Manchester Airport.

This would be a concern for Manchester Airport Group (MAG) which is 55% owned by Manchester City Council and nine other local authorities in Greater Manchester including Tameside which own 5% each. During the Congestion Charge debate, it was dismissed by Sir Richard Leese that the Airport should be sold off to cover the proposed £4bn public transport investment as it could lead to council tax increases of 20%.

The MEN article says that the airport gave a dividend of £25m in 2006, but councils also have to make an annual contribution to pay off the debt of building Terminal 2.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009


I have now been blocked from the Tameside Tories Twitter page after my recent article slagging off the Tameside Conservative group. Other users get the "Send Request" page which is totally missing the point with social networking which is meant to engage with an audience without restrictions.

On another note, Andy Hoyle from Tameside Radio has tweeted that Tameside Radio are running a report on the Andrew Gwynne smear at 1PM today. So tune in or listen online.

Friday, 2 October 2009

Paxman Smackdowns Tameside Council

This video is pure gold. Whilst watching Newsnight the other night, Jeremy Paxman went over the state of the Labour Party conference and highlighted the exclusivity of sponsorship coming in from the public sector. One being Tameside Council!

Paxman asks the person at the TMBC stall as to how much this is costing to local council tax payers. The lady in the video says she doesn't know and is unable to give an answer. That's odd because when David Ottewell visited he was told the cost was in the region of £10,000. So that is roughly the same as last year, but the press has been more favorable this year compared to last year probably due to the £240,000 "advanced spending" in the budget for local newspapers.

Along the video you will see Jeremy Paxman's face drop with shock as he hears the justification for the expense of taxpayers money to be used at the Labour Party Conference. Tameside Council say they intend to spread a positive message then they can make things better in the longer run.

I bet you are thinking that those scoundrels at Tameside Council are just lining the coffers of the Labour Party, but you are wrong. There will be the exact same stand at the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester next week at a similar cost.