Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Kenya Believe It!

Roy Oldham announced tonight that the council has overspent by £2.8m. Yet he expects us, the taxpayer to continue to hand over money through increases in council tax to fund his ever expanding empire ego.

One gross example of council mispending this year is through donating £51,500 to Kiagware Hospital in Kenya. Yes Kenya! At times when our hospital standards are failing miserably and the council is going over budget.

At one meeting Roy Oldham announced that the council were unable to donate the money directly to the health facility due to local government laws prohibiting councils to donate money abroad. To do this you need the authority of a Secretary of State. That didn't stop those crafty bastards at TMBC who donated the money to a UK charity who then carried out the project on Tameside Council's behalf.

I am told that the hospital is to renamed "The Margaret Oldham Hospital" after the late council leaders wife in honor of the donation she set up as cabinet deputy for co-ordination services. It must be drilled into everyone's head that it isn't Margaret or Roy's money that paid for the Kiagware Hospital, but the council taxpayers' of Tameside.

And as the saying goes: Charity begins at home!
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