Monday, 2 November 2009

Tameside's Rent-a-Mob

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Things are afoot in Tameside with Cllr. John Taylor recruiting the services of Peak Combined Security to provide "Military" patrols in Dukinfield as reported in the Tameside Reporter.

You may remember when I was arrested last year that I pointed out a posting on John Taylor's website about him posting an article about a lad in Northern Ireland who was suspected of theft, so the militant Ulster Volunteer Force beat him black and blue and stuck a sign on him on a busy road saying "I am a theif". Councillor Taylor's response to this was "I bet this lad does not reoffend I understand the number of criminals on this estate is nil". So it would seem that whilst I thought his support for the idea was bizarre in itself, but to actually carry it out in Tameside is frankly obscene.

The choice of Peak Close Protection raises a few eyebrows in itself. The director of the company is Steve Bell or known as "Sinbad" to the local Labour Party. Peak Close Protection is part of Peak Combined Services which offer cleaners, removals and boarding up of houses (see: evictions) and catering services. It makes you wonder what over services this little umbrella company offers to Tameside Council - I can exclusively tell you for a fact that the Greater Manchester Pension Fund have Peak Catering Personnel Services to provide catering after meetings.

Steve Bell is also a director of Whitesails Training which funnily enough, Councillor Sean Parker-Perry is listed as being a "business development manager" on this Facebook group, although he can be seen in a Peak Combined Security uniform when dropping off money at Natwest on King Street in Dukinfield. That's funny because last year he told the press that he left James Purnell's office because he wanted to learn sign language and focus on being a councillor.

Now Sean Parker-Perry may say there is no conflict of interest, but I think there is. The article in the Reporter states that "offenders" are made to attend courses as part of their rehabilitation - something which a speciality for the Whitesails Training division which on their site currently states:

Management & Business - Managing Conflict
A range of courses are now being delivered to youths aged 14 - 19 including KNIFE CRIME, CYBER-BULLY, FIRST AID, STOP AND SEARCH POWERS AND CONFLICT MANAGEMENT (more info)

I do find it deeply disturbing that the council are employing totalian tactics to combat crime when we already have an independent police force and the patrollers. If they are not doing the job effectively, then they need to be accountable to the public. Having hired heavies going about the streets with rottweilers is just an erosion of our civil liberties and we must ensure that this stops now.
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