Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Racist Drunk Barred from Stalybridge Labour Club

Former Stalybridge South Conservative councillor, Suzanne Shepherd or known as "Big 'n Daft" has been barred from Stalybridge Labour Club for making racist comments. It comes somewhat as a shock as Labour party members have been boasting of Suzanne's recent defection to the Labour party on other blogs.

It will be a blow to the former councillor who is also barred from entering Mottram Road Conservative Club in Stalybridge for crossing the floor to the Labour Party and spreading scandal. The final straw came when Suzanne was spotted on North West Tonight in the Labour club talking about James Purnell's expenses.

It is also alleged that Suzanne was in the Wetherspoons in Stalybridge only to collapse on the floor moments later in a drunken state.

Saturday, 19 December 2009

Exclusive: Julie Searle Selected as the Denton & Reddish Conservative PPC

I wrap up my series of exclusive posts on Tameside Conservatives list of prospective parliamentary candidates with the Denton & Reddish seat which will be represented by Cllr. Julie Searle. Julie will be up against Labour MP, Andrew Gwynne who is also PPS to Ed Balls.

Julie Searle is a councillor at Adur Borough Council - which is further South than James Purnell (see the map below). She also holds the position of deputy leader for the council as well as being a cabinet member for "improved customer service". What is even more bizarre is that she is up for re-election in May 2010, just when the urm... general election will be.

It does make you wonder how Julie will be able to hold such a busy schedule of being a senior council member 265 miles away from Denton, campaigning in her seat in Southwick Green and then to do the rounds in Denton & Reddish. I am told on the hush that when asked how much time she would be able to commit to the election campaign she responded with a confident 3 days. Most members presumed that this would be a week, but Julie had to correct them and told them that this would be for the WHOLE CAMPAIGN!

So given that, Julie was then asked the pointless question if she did win, would she the move into the constituency. The response was less than enthusiastic along the lines of "I suppose I would have to wouldn't I?".

Friday, 18 December 2009

Exclusive: Seema Kennedy Selected as Ashton-under-Lyne Conservative PPC

Another exclusive for Tameside Eye today and we can reveal to you the second prospective parliamentary candidate confirmed to stand for the Conservatives in Ashton-under-Lyne is Seema Kennedy. Seema will be up against the Labour MP, David Heyes.

Seema was chair of St. Alban's Conservatives up until earlier this year where she courageously led a campaign to deselect Anne Main MP for fiddling her expenses. Given Seema's past, it will be interesting to see how things heat up in the area since Lord Sheldon has been exposed of a similar fiddle akin to Anne Main.

Ashton-under-Lyne is a solid stronghold for Labour who have held the seat since 1935. In the last general elections they polled 13,952 more votes than the Conservatives, but this has been dramatically reduced since the Conservatives have recently gained 4 councillors in Failsworth and Ashton Hurst.

Exclusive: Rob Adlard Selected as Stalybridge & Hyde Conservative PPC

Breaking News: Rob Adlard, the chair of Longdendale Conservatives was selected last night as the Conservative Prospective Parliamentary Candidate (PPC) for the seat of Stalybridge and Hyde against the incumbent Labour MP, James Purnell.

Rob, was formerly the candidate in the Manchester City Centre ward, but moved last year into Broadbottom. Since his move, he has been credited of creating the Longdendale Conservatives branch.

In the 2008 local elections in Stalybridge & Hyde, the Conservatives polled more votes than the Labour Party. There is a chance the Conservatives may win the seat given James Purnell's unpopularity in the constituency.

Thursday, 17 December 2009

That Tameside Thing: Tony's Whippy

A Tameside ice cream man has been found guilty of peddling foreign fags and pirated pornography from the back of his ice cream van. He played his chime as late as 10 O'clock in the night for flocks of children rushed to buy the wares.

Tony's Whippy or Tony Salvatore Morreale was caught out by Tameside Trading Standards after a tip-off from a holier than thou member of the public. Police arrested Tony Salvatore Morreale and raided his van to find a hoard of hundreds of cigarettes and 62 pirated DVDs including Robin Hood, Pride and Prejudice, the Boy in the Striped Pyjamas and the Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

In Tony's defence he claimed to be a victim of the recession struggling to make ends meet due to the cold winter months. He denied claims he sold cigarettes to children when he knew they were for their parents. However Leila Ghahhary, prosecuting for Tameside Council said “It became known by word-of-mouth that he was selling these goods. They were sold to children and adults.”

Mr. Morreale pleaded guilty to 12 offences under the Trade Marks Act 1994. He was sentenced with a 12 month community order with 100 hours of unpaid work for each offence, to run concurrently. He was also ordered to pay £609 costs.

Source: Manchester Evening News

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Twatters 2: Tameside College

As the premier local political blogger, I was one of the first to be followed by Tameside College's Twitter account and as a fellow Tweeter in the area I follow them back. So what happens? I'm blocked already.

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Tameside MP's Expenses

This morning, a fresh round of MPs expenses were released to the public to read. I will be twittering as I go through them, but I intend to publish my thoughts on here later. To have a butchers click on the links below:

*Andrew Gwynne (Denton & Reddish)
*David Heyes (Ashton-under-Lyne)
*James Purnell (Stalybridge & Hyde)

Spot anything unusual? Pop it into the comments below.

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Labour Councillor's F-Word Tirade on Young Girl

According to whisperings from inside Tameside Council, it is alleged that a senior Labour councillor from Denton has received a complaint in regards to his behavior at St. Lawrence's Cricket Club in Denton.

The councillor was at a party, but broke off and demanded that he be allowed into the private members bar to watch the football. Through the gratitude of the councillor he then went on to spout verbal diarrhea towards the members. One being a girl under the age of ten which he told her to "Fucking shift fagot". Nice.

The councillor in question has a history of reported and very public temper tantrums. I have lodged a FOI to the borough solicitor asking for a redacted copy of the complaint, until then I am not naming names for legal reasons.