Saturday, 19 December 2009

Exclusive: Julie Searle Selected as the Denton & Reddish Conservative PPC

I wrap up my series of exclusive posts on Tameside Conservatives list of prospective parliamentary candidates with the Denton & Reddish seat which will be represented by Cllr. Julie Searle. Julie will be up against Labour MP, Andrew Gwynne who is also PPS to Ed Balls.

Julie Searle is a councillor at Adur Borough Council - which is further South than James Purnell (see the map below). She also holds the position of deputy leader for the council as well as being a cabinet member for "improved customer service". What is even more bizarre is that she is up for re-election in May 2010, just when the urm... general election will be.

It does make you wonder how Julie will be able to hold such a busy schedule of being a senior council member 265 miles away from Denton, campaigning in her seat in Southwick Green and then to do the rounds in Denton & Reddish. I am told on the hush that when asked how much time she would be able to commit to the election campaign she responded with a confident 3 days. Most members presumed that this would be a week, but Julie had to correct them and told them that this would be for the WHOLE CAMPAIGN!

So given that, Julie was then asked the pointless question if she did win, would she the move into the constituency. The response was less than enthusiastic along the lines of "I suppose I would have to wouldn't I?".
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