Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Labour Councillor's F-Word Tirade on Young Girl

According to whisperings from inside Tameside Council, it is alleged that a senior Labour councillor from Denton has received a complaint in regards to his behavior at St. Lawrence's Cricket Club in Denton.

The councillor was at a party, but broke off and demanded that he be allowed into the private members bar to watch the football. Through the gratitude of the councillor he then went on to spout verbal diarrhea towards the members. One being a girl under the age of ten which he told her to "Fucking shift fagot". Nice.

The councillor in question has a history of reported and very public temper tantrums. I have lodged a FOI to the borough solicitor asking for a redacted copy of the complaint, until then I am not naming names for legal reasons.
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