Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Racist Drunk Barred from Stalybridge Labour Club

Former Stalybridge South Conservative councillor, Suzanne Shepherd or known as "Big 'n Daft" has been barred from Stalybridge Labour Club for making racist comments. It comes somewhat as a shock as Labour party members have been boasting of Suzanne's recent defection to the Labour party on other blogs.

It will be a blow to the former councillor who is also barred from entering Mottram Road Conservative Club in Stalybridge for crossing the floor to the Labour Party and spreading scandal. The final straw came when Suzanne was spotted on North West Tonight in the Labour club talking about James Purnell's expenses.

It is also alleged that Suzanne was in the Wetherspoons in Stalybridge only to collapse on the floor moments later in a drunken state.
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