Thursday, 17 December 2009

That Tameside Thing: Tony's Whippy

A Tameside ice cream man has been found guilty of peddling foreign fags and pirated pornography from the back of his ice cream van. He played his chime as late as 10 O'clock in the night for flocks of children rushed to buy the wares.

Tony's Whippy or Tony Salvatore Morreale was caught out by Tameside Trading Standards after a tip-off from a holier than thou member of the public. Police arrested Tony Salvatore Morreale and raided his van to find a hoard of hundreds of cigarettes and 62 pirated DVDs including Robin Hood, Pride and Prejudice, the Boy in the Striped Pyjamas and the Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

In Tony's defence he claimed to be a victim of the recession struggling to make ends meet due to the cold winter months. He denied claims he sold cigarettes to children when he knew they were for their parents. However Leila Ghahhary, prosecuting for Tameside Council said “It became known by word-of-mouth that he was selling these goods. They were sold to children and adults.”

Mr. Morreale pleaded guilty to 12 offences under the Trade Marks Act 1994. He was sentenced with a 12 month community order with 100 hours of unpaid work for each offence, to run concurrently. He was also ordered to pay £609 costs.

Source: Manchester Evening News
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