Monday, 4 January 2010

Exclusive: The Day After Tomorrow... No Grit!

You would think that looking outside looks like something from the movie the day after tomorrow given the immense snow and freezing temperatures we have been facing. And it would seem that there is more to come.

People have been complaining over Christmas that roads have gone ungritted and gritters are driving around for show. One user of the Consumer Action Group forum did a revealing post about the state of gritting in Tameside:

"My mate's lad (23), is on one the gritting teams when it's needed, he told me earlier today that Tameside Council have known about this bad weather for well over a week but have no grit and no money to buy any.. Result..... Even our major roads in Tameside at this moment are virtually impassable and dangerous.."

So based on that it would assume that Tameside Council can afford to throw away £50,000 of taxpayers' money at a hospital in Kenya, but not be able to buy in any grit for the roads. This did cause Tameside Council to go into a PR overdrive with a dedicated page spinning the situation and a 60 Second News item virtually dedicated to it.

I have been told by a reliable source that Tameside Council only have 80 tonnes of grit left. Now having a look at these minutes (item 23), 80 tonnes would indicate that Tameside only has 1 days worth of grit left - 2 at a stretch.

Tameside Council are saying that they can't buy anymore grit as the government is allocating how much they can have. Only main roads are being gritted tonight and grit bins are not being refilled.

Picture credit: Tameside Citizen
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