Sunday, 24 January 2010

Roy Oldham's Downfall

Roy Oldham's Downfall
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The gossip on the grapevine is that Councillor Kieran Quinn is gathering momentum to replace Councillor Roy Oldham as the leader of Tameside Council after the local elections.

Kieran has rostered up support by moving in on Roy Oldham's constituency with the Hyde Newton Labour branch announcing their opposition to Cllr. Oldham at a recent branch meeting. Interestingly this ward is where his late wife was a councillor.

But what is more interesting is that the Tameside Co-Operative Party are also backing Kieran Quinn. The treasurer of the group is no other than Councillor Sean Parker-Perry and the secretary is Councillor Jonny Reynolds - both councillors in the Longdendale ward shared with Roy Oldham.

The plot thickens...
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