Wednesday, 13 January 2010

TMBC Turning on Taxpayers

You may have read the MEN today you would of seen this article about Lisa Harris from Stalybridge where bin men from Tameside Council refused to empty her bins because she was wearing a Liverpool shirt. Not satisfied with that they continue to shout a torrent of abuse saying "I hate Scousers. I bet you don’t even work" and "I batter Scousers". Nice.

And remember the Facebook fan page against Tameside Council? When we reported the success of the group earlier in the week, it only had 284 fans and has now snowballed to 310 supporters. It has caused one of Tameside Council's gritting team to go on and vent abuse at the members:

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I can see that Tameside Council's PR department are now running around after a massive PR blitz in the local press with a double page propaganda spread on what Tameside Council is doing in the bad weather, despite it appearing to be doing naff all.

I do find it disgraceful that Tameside Council staff show very little respect to their employers... The council taxpayers of Tameside.

Update: If you think Tameside Council did a good job of gritting then join this group. It should be noted that the creator of the group who accused people of complaining on another group of being "wankers" and bleated on about having to do a 16 hour shift, is going to be getting more than enough overtime according to his wife who will be spending it on a holiday & spends. It can't be that bad after all!

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