Thursday, 25 March 2010

Exclusive: Longdendale Labour Officer "Bankrolled" by the Taxpayer

It would seem that Tameside Council leader Roy Oldham is "buying" his loyal members by rewarding them with senior positions on Tameside Council paid for by the taxpayer.

Revealing documents have been given to Tameside Eye which include the agenda and minutes of the AGM of the Longdendale Labour ward branch. It includes one member that holds a senior position within the Longdendale Labour Party and Tameside Council.

Don Charlesworth, who is an auditing officer for Longdendale Labour, also happens to be Roy Oldham's political assistant. Under the Local Government and Housing Act 1989, politically restricted officers such as Mr. Charlesworth may not:
"Be an officer of a political party or of any branch of such a party or a member of any committee or sub-committee of such a party or branch if his duties as such an officer or member would be likely to require him to participate in the general management of the party or the branch; or act on behalf of the party or branch in dealings with persons other than members of the party or members of another political party associated with the party."

It should be noted that Charleswoth is known to be Roy's "hired heavy" by going around bullying fellow Labour councillors into supporting Roy Oldham's way of thinking. It has been alleged that Don Charlesworth has co-ordinated smears from the leaders office against political rivals such as Councillor Kieran Quinn and his leadership supporters.

As a political researcher, he will know the laws on political assistants inside out. He has clearly flouted the laws and therefore should be sacked from Tameside Council.

Longdendale Labour Ward Agenda - 22/02/2010

Longdendale Labour AGM 2010 - 25/01/2010

Are there any other names on this list of officers that Tameside Eye has left out? Put them in the comments below or email us anonymously.
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