Thursday, 18 March 2010

Labour's Stalybridge and Hyde Selection "Fiasco"

Kevin Maguire has called the Stalybridge & Hyde Labour selection a "fiasco" on his blog after two hopefulls to become Stalybridge & Hyde's parliamentary candidate have quit claiming the selection favours Councillor Jonny Reynolds.

Floyd Millen, a campaigner for Operation Black Vote and director of the think tank Yes Minister, tweeted this afternoon that he was pulling out of the selection for "personal reasons". The other candidate to withdraw themselves is former immigration minister and MP for Hornsey and Wood Green, Barbara Roche.

Labour's National Executive Committee who are organising the selections had originally excluded Jonny Reynolds from the shortlist, presumably to exclude a strong contender. This was met with much furore as it was seen as political posturing from Unite who are looking to impose NEC member and Unite officer, Peter Wheeler. This led to James Purnell having to "beg" Peter Mandelson to intervene and put Jonny Reynolds on the shortlist.

This leaves Jonny Reynolds, Peter Wheeler and Dr. Kailash Chand on the shortlist. Perhaps Councillor Peter Robinson who is chair of the Stalybridge & Hyde Labour Party, spoke too soon when he wrote to the Guardian saying the party had been presented with "a real choice".
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