Thursday, 1 April 2010

EXCLUSIVE: Tameside Council to Power Offices with Dog Shit

In new documents leaked exclusively to Tameside Eye, an angry Tameside Patroller who wishes not to be named has revealed that they will now have to pick up dog shit as part of their duties.

Councillor John Taylor who commands Tameside Patrollers has said that patrollers will be given poop and scoop kits soon to start collecting faeces to power their new renewable energy project located beneath the council offices on Wellington Road.

Tameside Council claim that this is a first and that it will be able to power up to 15% of their offices at full capacity. Given that reckless dog owners allow their dogs to roam the streets and defecate on the streets, Tameside Council will have plenty to collect.

One does wonder what the smell of burning dog shit will be like in Ashton town centre. Mind you, councillors and senior management are full of it to begin with!

Tameside Council: Dog Pooh Energy
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