Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Kieran Quinn's "New Politics"

In Quinn's maiden speech as Executive Leader last night, he spoke of his "new politics" he has been banging on about in the press. He pointed to me in the middle of his speech saying that "I have things in store that will please Tameside's blogosphere of which you will read about in the press". So what could Kieran be up to? I have some suggestions for him...

1. Getting rid of Roy's 2 Jags:

I asked Tameside Council on Twitter if they would be disposing of their two chauffeur driven Jags given that the new Conservative Chancellor has banned ministers from using them, forcing them to walk and use public transport like the rest of us. Tameside's new deputy leader, John Taylor responded and said he sent them back on Monday.

2. Reduction of the Executive Leaders Pay:

Another criticism of Roy Oldham was his pay. Kieran was going on about his love for the job. Will he take a 5% pay cut like his Westminster colleagues? Or perhaps he will stay on the same salary when he was on the cabinet for Economy?

3. Scrapping of Political Assistants:

Another populist move would be to scrap political assistants. Don Charlesworth has already left and there is no talk of a replacement as of yet. If the leader wishes not to have a political assistant, then the shadow must get rid of his.

What changes at the top would Tameside Eye readers like to see? Post them in the comments below.
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