Tuesday, 12 April 2011


Cuts haven't hit Greater Manchester Police in Tameside. We have 15 extra police officers, who piss about on their iPhones using the Facebook app so it seems. Presumably for the lulz.

GMP Droylsden East clearly have a sick sense of humour with their favourite quotation "I fought the law and the law won....". A reference to the famous song from The Clash.

GMP Droylsden West are slightly more helpful with their tiny pearl of wisdom included on their favourite quotation being "Dont do the crime if you cant do the time........". Their favourite TV shows include Crimestoppers and the excellent BBC Drama, Life On Mars. A homage to GMP's "no nonsense" policing policy perhaps?

I'm a little cynical and I'm wondering why they couldn't create a simple "like" page where people don't need to befriend their local bobby who no doubt will be peeking at that oh so innocent racist joke you shared on your wall.

Admittedly with the funding cuts to GMP, the Hyde Werneth branch have reviewed the page and saw fit to keep it for another six months at the least. Hip Hip Hooray!

Source: GMP Denton West Ward, GMP Droylsden East Ward, GMP Droylsden West Ward and GMP Hyde Werneth.

UPDATE: Werneth Neighbourhood Policing Team have issued a response on my Facebook wall which reads more like a press release if anything. They have also blocked me from being "friends".
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