Friday, 15 July 2011

Andy Kinsey to Stand for Longdendale Labour?

Rumour has it that Andy Kinsey, a new arrival in Tameside politics has put his name forward to stand in the 2012 local elections in Longdendale for the Labour Party. That's odd as it's Councillor Sean Parker-Perry's turn to stand next year. Could a challenge be on the way?

Already, Andy has made a name for himself by printing this leaflet of lies. He's already a committee member for the Broadbottom Community Association. He's done a co-ordinated attack on Rob Adlard claiming he's against the bypass along with Mike Flynn (Roy Oldham's brother-in-law) and David Moore who has in the past been on the Longdendale Labour executive. Oh and he's renting out James Purnell's old gaffe.

So where is this little upstart getting the backing from? Could it be that Stalybridge & Hyde MP, Jonny Reynold's be giving Andy Kinsey a helping hand?